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Irmeli Sinkkonen TkL, tutkija

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1 Irmeli Sinkkonen TkL, tutkija
GUI-design Irmeli Sinkkonen TkL, tutkija

2 GUI types Almost GUI GUIs Apple Windows 3.1 Windows 95 OS/2 Motif
Standard GUI One-time GUI

3 Today / Building GUIs (Select the application structure)
Build the navigation model and evaluate Design the screens Build the menus, evaluate select the command buttons select the metaphors select representations create the fields, labels and other controls create the layout add the shortcuts and icons, evaluate check the colours, visibility, restrictions, conceptual model, mappings, symbol language, exits, and feedback build the dialog boxes accordingly build the helps evaluate

4 Object - Action grammar
Select object, then do action interface emphasizes 'nouns' (visible objects) rather than 'verbs' (actions), but all action must be developed thinking users’ tasks Advantages closer to real world modeless interaction actions always within context of object inappropriate ones can be hidden generic commands the same type of action can be performed on the object eg drag ‘n drop:

5 Object action grammar Accounts-window Customs-window Address -window

6 ...object action grammar

7 Designing windows A typical mistake doing the windows looking database windows when it should look like the tasks ask always: why the user looks at this window? Can this window somehow make it easier to decide what to do… what they actually want is ...

8 Summary GUI- design is a creative process, with many options
Your design should reflect the results of the interviews, task analysis existing conventions when applicable design guidelines when applicable Usability testing helps you decide which of several options to pursue

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