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Yhteistyössä Suomen Olympiakomitea ja Adecco Finland.

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Esitys aiheesta: "Yhteistyössä Suomen Olympiakomitea ja Adecco Finland."— Esityksen transkriptio:

1 Yhteistyössä Suomen Olympiakomitea ja Adecco Finland

2 Slide 2 ”Being a super star on one day and entering the business world as a complete beginner the next day can be difficult. So I think athletes getting career experience while they are still training is crucial for them to make a smooth transition.” Angel Bovée, former three-time US national boxing champion and Program Specialist, Athlete Career and Education Program, Adecco USA

3 Slide 3 “Initially, after I finished rowing in London, I had a sense of emptiness. Since I started preparing for life after rowing, it provided me with a sense of comfort. I didn’t like the idea of coming out of rowing and having nothing. That scared me.“ Storm Uru, New Zealand, Olympic medalist in lightweight double sculls and MBA student at Oxford University

4 Slide 4 Lue Olli-Pekka Karjalaisen kokemukset Athlete Career Programme -ohjelmasta "After a very successful path in athletics, I had to stop and think about what I want from the rest of my life. As you can imagine, all tools helping this process are very warmly welcomed. I undertook tests and consultations to understand the skills I had or needed to develop to further my career."

5 Slide 5 Urheiluakatemiat ja Adeccon toimipisteet Urheiluakatemiat Adeccon toimipisteet: Helsinki-Espoo Vantaa Tampere Turku Oulu Jyväskylä Vaasa Kotka Hyvinkää Rauma Lohja

6 Slide 6 Adecco – Urheiluakatemia verkosto Adeccon toimipisteet Hyvinkää Seppo Seunavaara Jyväskylä Tea Heinola Kotka Marita Parikka Oulu Helen Vesik Rauma Eerika Jantunen Tampere Tiinaleena Anttila Vantaa Tiia Tynys HKI/Espoo Suvi Ikola Turku Ella Faltersack Vaasa Minna Niemi Urheiluakatemiat löytyvät alla olevasta linkistä

7 Slide 7 Extended services to the Sport Academies Services to the Sport Academies: Service portfolio communication to the Sport Academy Coordinators Potential Assessment to the Sport Academy Coordinators Personal feedback discussions Tools for Personal Development Plan Follow-up Discussion Single Point of Contact in local Adecco Banch Adecco contact directly to the athlete who is recognized to need of assistance Career Seminar + CV clinic 1/year Local visibility and athlete stories

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