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GECOS Global Engineering Coordination Support

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1 GECOS Global Engineering Coordination Support
Kari Alho Jussi Kanerva Reijo Sulonen Helsinki University of Technology TAI Research Centre Software Engineering Group 1

2 Contents Project background Benefits for companies Research challenge
Global engineering project characteristics Requirements for a solution Research proposal & project structure 2

3 Project background Originally proposed by two companies
Industry need for efficient integrated product design in a distributed environment TAI Research Centre’s experience in problem areas: Distributed workflow, BPR, CAD, Rapid Prototyping, PDM, Internet, … Industry and research collaboration

4 Benefits for companies
Faster engineering cycle through Availability of physically separated resources Best possible project staff and competence Improved concurrency Reduced training by utilizing experts everywhere Additional savings possible in Reduced management overheads and travelling Reduced investments in systems infrastructure

5 GECOS application environment
Number of partners Expert network Megaproject Size of project Project Enterprise project

6 Research challenge Flexible, distributed project management system
Agent technologies, network communication and web-type software tools Virtual designs and simulations in network Co-location Integration of existing solutions

7 Global engineering project characteristics
Several independent partners and concurrent activities Virtual engineering over netwroks Design information exchange through data communications May be separated by distance, time, culture May be short-lived Little guarantees of common infrastructure

8 Requirements for a solution
Easy project set-up and management Short lead time Affordable, common technological infrastructure WEB-based Engineering & business processes Definition & support Human issues Teamwork Effective management Reward mechanisms

9 Technological infrastructure
Basic networking Security services Directory services Design tools with data interchange & common formats Standards Internet-based: Project management and reporting Product data management Collaboration software Conferencing How to choose right components and integrate them?

10 Research proposal structure
Electrolux-RD project IBM GECOS RESEARCH PROJECT Elomatic Oy project HP Yritysverkot Oy project PILOT PROJECT COMPANY PROJECT Company project N Core group collaboration Support group

11 GECOS research project
Develop generic methods and tools to support global engineering projects Duration 2 years, 3/ /99 4-5 researchers Coordinated by TAI Research Centre Funded by TEKES and industry Pilot projects support the company projects

12 Work packages Distributed project management
Product modeling and visualization Global engineering processes Product data management in virtual enterprises Communication and collaboration methods

13 GECOS research project
Company projects Electrolux Rapid Development Elomatic Oy Yritysverkot Oy Technology providers IBM, HP GECOS research project Funded by TEKES and the pilot companies Company-specific work for application of the results of the research project Up to 3 person-months of effort reserved for each pilot company

14 GECOS project resources
Steering group Representatives of pilot companies, TEKES, TAI Technology providers HP, IBM TAI personnel Professor Reijo Sulonen; Leader M.Sc. Kari Alho; Project manager Pekka Isto, Arno Karatmaa, Yanbo Han, N.N.; Researchers

15 Cost estimate and funding

16 How to join - more information
TAI Research Centre GECOS Project Manager Kari Alho Tel: (09) MET RAPID Coordinator Pekka Malinen Tel: (09)

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